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Niko's biggest weakness is his inability to let go of the past, and the desire for revenge is a driving force in many of his decisions. Niko concluded that either Florian or Darko had sold the group out, and he vowed to uncover and kill the culprit, not only to gain revenge, but also to hopefully 'close the book' on the incident, and move on with his life.

Knowing only violence and having very little opportunities, Niko turns to the Balkanic niko bellic dating profile underworld for the following ten years, while at the niko bellic dating profile time trying to search for the two other men who survived the ambush.

Faustin kills the henchman interrogating Niko and shoots Roman in the stomach for screaming too loudly. After being released from a brief stint in prison, Niko joins a smuggling and trafficking ring run by Russian criminal Ray Bulgarin. During a smuggling run from Yugoslavia to Italy the ship sank in the Adriatic.

After completing work for a shady government agency and the most powerful Mafia don in Liberty City, United Liberty Paper and Jon GravelliNiko is rewarded by Brevic being tracked down to BucharestRomaniaand flown specifically to Liberty City. Deciding he has no choice, Niko confronts Faustin at his club, Perestroika, where he gets into a gunfight with Faustin and his bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Roman receives an insurance payment from his burned-down property, uses it to restart his business and finally becomes rich as according to Niko, Roman is a rich chopping board indicating that he is wealthy.

When Niko goes to collect the money for the hit, Dimitri in fact betrays him by trying to sell Niko to Ray Bulgarin. During one smuggling run into Italy, the boat that Niko is working on sinks in the Adriatic Seaa mile from the nearest shoreline. Niko appears to be a more mature, empathetic, and sensible person than many of his acquaintances.

Niko swam to safety, but everything and everyone else was lost. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. He refuses alcohol outright in instances where he needs to keep a sharp mind, such as during missions.

Niko joins the merchant navy in order to flee from Bulgarin. Apparently Niko had moved back to Broker in the intervening years in between games and is now working as a taxi driver for Roman's cab service. He has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour, and often makes acerbic remarks.

Niko confronts Cravic, only to discover he has become a flamboyant homosexual called Bernie Crane, who is secretly dating the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City, Bryce Dawkins, intent on forgetting the past. Niko appears briefly in the opening credit sequence, and returns in the mission "Not So Fast" where Luis steals the diamonds being sold by Niko and Johnny.

Niko also mentions to Phil Bell that he is leaving the criminal life. In the endgamethe player chooses whether Niko cooperates or kills Dimitri before the deal takes place.

Upon arriving in Liberty City, Niko realized that Roman's stories of success were entirely exaggerated; he actually lived in a small, decrepit apartmentran a small taxi depot in Hove Beachand owed gambling debts across the city to several powerful criminals such as the Albanian and Russian mobs.

Niko ends up working with Faustin. It is assumed to have been founded by Jay Norris at his parents' house sometime between andso therefore everyone with a profile could only create them during that time period.

Bulgarin believed that Niko had intentionally scuttled the ship and stole his money; the gangster's reach was too great within Europe, so Niko joined the merchant navy to escape Bulgarin's influence. Lester Crest mentions an Eastern-European Niko who was known for making big moves in Liberty City, but has since been quiet retiredand thus become hard to contact.

Niko was also "looking for that special someone", namely revenge on a former war buddy who accepted a bribe and got most of the group killed. Niko's tale is such a roller coaster ride that by the climax you'd be forgiven for feeling exhausted and perhaps even a little numb.

He returns to the pit where his friends were buried, digs up the bodies, counted them, and identifies each of the corpses. He also begins dating Michellea friend of Roman's steady girlfriend Mallorie Bardas.

Niko Bellic

In a conversation with Patrick McRearyNiko reveals that he had a brother who died during the Bosnian war.

It is unknown what happens to Niko after the events of Grand Theft Auto IV, however it can be assumed that after the Revenge ending Niko stays in Liberty City as Roman and his new family are pretty much all he has. The more absurd the action becomes, the greater we feel the very real pathos of Niko Bellic.

Roman then buys a luxury penthouse in Middle Park East for both of them to live in. During the war, Niko both witnessed and committed numerous atrocities, which led to his cynical perspective on life, and a certain degree of regret, depression, and emotional detachment.

Niko tells Kate McReary that after Roman left Yugoslavia, Roman's mother was raped and murdered but to spare Roman further devastation, he told him she died in a house fire.

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Niko would later be presented with niko bellic dating profile chance to complete a heroin deal with bitter enemy Dimitri Rascalov, on behalf of Pegorino, and here Niko either attempts to complete the deal, only to be betrayed, upon which point he must shoot his way to the money, or instead Niko goes straight to the boat where Rascalov is hiding and kills him there.

This means that Roman is still alive, and the Revenge ending is canon, so therefore Roman is alive, and Kate McReary is deceased. Niko has a certain degree of pity for other people, even random strangers, and feels obliged to help others who cannot help themselves.

Bosnian Wars Niko grew up in the harsh environment of the Yugoslav Warsand became a soldier himself as a teenager The Yugoslav Wars being between andthis means Niko was only years old at the time. Niko participates in an unnamed war as an infantrymantank operator, and helicopter pilot.Niko Bellic can connect to the site at using the in-game Internet to choose to date women.

The site is based upon the concept of dating sites in the real world. The site is based upon the concept of dating sites in the real world. Niko and Roman's fathers were abusive alcoholics, whom they both despised; Niko's mother, Milica Bellic, was a long-suffering woman, unhappy that her son grew up in such a harsh place.

In a conversation with Patrick McReary, Niko reveals that he had a brother who died during the Bosnian war. Jul 15,  · Niko's a pretty bad homosexual.

GTA 5 NEW Easter Egg Found Of Niko Bellic's Lover French Tom From GTA 4! Niko Bellic is a fictional character and the playable protagonist of Rockstar North's video game Grand Theft Auto IV, also featuring as a supporting character in its episodic content The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, all of which are published by Rockstar game: Grand Theft Auto IV ().

Girlfriends in GTA IV Edit. Edit. History; The ability to date girlfriends, introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, returns in Grand Theft Auto in GTA San Andreas, two of the girlfriends are introduced during the other three girlfriends are met online from the dating websites, as and Aside from the amusing interactions between Niko.

Niko Bellic. I've been using PIA (Private Internet Access) for a year now, but without any positive feedback I have no idea how effective it really is (though I guess not .

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